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Title:They will sit
Description:So Iron Galaxy took to their Twitch channel to announce some of the expected balance changes and bug fixes for KI's upcoming 2.2 patch.Some of the bug fixes center around a few recent additions, such as an issue that prevents certain Ultras on Kan-Ra's stage. Other changes include character fireballs losing invulnerability frames, certain characters losing 'safe' counter-breakers, increased range on attacks like Jago's Wind Kick and Glacius' Puddle Punch, and some noticeable changes to Season 2 characters TJ Combo, Maya, and Kan-Ra. All other characters are getting tweaks, with the exception of Thunder and Orchid, who will stay exactly as they are.The full patch notes can be found below, taken verbatim, courtesy of the Killer Instinct forums.System ChangesFixed a bug that prevented Spinal and Sabrewulf from doing their Ultra attacks on Kan-Ra's Stage (Forbidden Archive).JagoLight and Medium Windkick travel a little bit farther now.Shadow Endokuken is no longer invulnerable for any period.SabrewulfFixed a bug that let Sabrewulf get a safe counter break attempt on a very specific frame of Shadow Ragged Edge.GlaciusLiquidize can travel farther in the same amount of time, a bit less than sweep distance.ThunderNo changesSadiraFixed a bug that allowed Sadira's webs to hit during hitstop and remove breaker windows from attacks. We did this by preventing webs from actually hitting opponents who are already in hitstop. Instead, they will sit and wait for hitstop to end before hitting.Fixed a bug preventing Sadira's Shadow Widow's Bite projectiles from destroying themselves properly when a counter breaker was attempted.Performing an ender right after a Web without doing anything else first is now breakable as opener-ender.
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